7 Beginner Golf Hacks

7 Beginner Golf Hacks

When you first walk out onto the green, here are some handy tips and hacks to make your life much simpler and less stressful.

  1. Warm Ball

When you are out on the greens in the colder winter months, pop your ball into your pants pocket. Studies have shown that warmer balls travel farther.

Whenever the temp drops to around 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius, then the ball will be significantly affected by the cold.

  1. Creative club covers

It is so easy to fall into a trap of golf course trends. People want to fit in and especially as a beginner you don’t want to be seen as someone who bucks the traditions of the club. That said, when it comes to your club’s covers it’s not necessary to spend a small fortune on specially created covers for your tools.

Make use of a baby’s shoe or even a hollowed out stuffed animal to add a bit of personality to your clubs and your bag. These are cheap alternatives to an unnecessary expense. Just like how online betting NZ is much more convenient than standard betting.

  1. Rain Gloves

Rain Gloves are perfect for adding grip to your swing during wet conditions, but they can also be used on sunny days.

If you find your hands are getting sweaty, simply slip on your rain gloves for a confident and secure grip.

  1. Bungee Cord

There are few things more annoying or frustrating than a broken strap on your golfbag or cart. Solve a variety of potential problems by carrying a bungee cord around with you.

This cord will provide a simple and reliable fix to a variety of strap related issues while also providing you with some dynamic tension when you want to limber up before you step up to tee.

  1. Laces

An additional set of shoe laces is always a godsend. Being out on the course and losing one of your laces is a huge dampener on the mood of the game.

Without a proper fitting shoe your whole game is hobbled. Prevent much hassle by carrying some extra laces in your pocket or golf bag. You will probably end up helping out the people around you more than you do yourself.

  1. Marker Impacter

While many golfers opt for the use of impact tape to be able to gauge where they landed a swing and in doing so improve their game, there is a cheaper option.

Simply mark the one side of your ball heavily with a dry wipe marker pen, then when you strike it with your club an imprint will be left that you can use for reference.

  1. Straighten a putter

Not many players know this but a bent putter shaft can be sorted out quickly and easily with a dry towel. Simple wrap the towel around the shaft and rub it vigorously.

The shaft of the putter will quickly warm up and become more malleable upon which you can simply use your hand to straighten the putter out.