A Beginners Guide To Golf Equipment

Golf equipment comes in a wide variety and range of styles and options that can seem very daunting to anybody new to the game. Here at EbalonGolf.com we have compiled this guide to give you an introduction to the equipment involved in this great sport.

Golf Wear

The general guideline for all golf wear would be that it should be smart casual in style. Most golf clubs have a dress code that stipulates smart casual as the minimum standard of dress required for the club, both on and off the course. Let’s have a look at the standard wardrobe.

The standard golfers upper body wear is the classic polo shirt. If you don’t like polo shirts, then most golf club dress codes also allow collared shirts. Whatever style of shirt you choose, you should choose something that is comfortable and allows a full range of motion.

Following the guidelines above, your pants should also be smart casual with a focus on comfort. It is generally accepted that the correct pant length should touch the top of your shoes.

Comfortable shoes are important as you will be doing a lot of walking around the course. After comfort and fit, the decision is going to be about whether to buy spiked shoes or not. Spiked shoes can help with grip and stability while swinging. It is important to note that many clubs dress code have banned shoes with metal spikes.

Always make to sure to check your local clubs dress code before playing. Many clubs don’t allow open-shoes, sandals, or denim on the course.

Golf Clubs and Bags

Learning to play golf with the right set of clubs can make the difference between enjoying the game and becoming frustrated enough to give up without giving the game a fair chance. Finding the correct set of clubs is easier than you might think. You don’t always need a profession to know what size clubs to use.

Beginner players don’t need to carry around the full complement of 14 clubs that are allowed by most golf clubs. Beginners can comfortably play with around half that number. For your tee shots you’ll want a Driver for those long drives. For the fairways you should have a fairway wood along with a 6 and 8 iron. For the short shots, a pitching wedge is essential. A Sand Wedge will help you to escape those bunkers. And finally, you need a putter for finishing up the hole on the green.

Your golf bag needs to be big enough to carry your clubs and have some extra storage space for golf balls, tees, gloves, waterproofs, water bottle, etc.

In Conclusion

Just like when you’re starting out with Grand National betting, stick to the basics. As you develop your golfing skills and knowledge you can expand the range of equipment and clubs that you use and invest in better attire.

It’s often a good idea to start with a set of second-hand clubs as these are better priced and will give you the opportunity to try out the sport without spending an excessive amount of money. Once you’ve got your putting down and your long shots soaring, you can invest in a new set that’s your perfect fit.