Beginner’s Golf Tips For Playing In The Rain

Golf is almost entirely a game that’s played out in the open. What this usually means is that the golfer is able to walk around on sunny, beautiful days, and enjoy a few rounds of golf to close out their way. But not everything can be sunshine all the time, and sometimes a heavy downpour simply can’t be avoided. And while some golfers will just pack it up and leave as soon as they suspect that there might be rain coming, hardier players will know that it’s entirely possible to play while it’s raining, even it if means having to get a little wet.

It should be noted that this only covers those players that want to play in only rain, and it’s highly advised that golfers leave an open area as soon as they hear any thunder. Lightning is incredibly dangerous to people on an open golf course, and is able to strike as far as 5 KM from the source of the storm.

The Right Clothing

Of course, a player is only able to stay in the rain as long as they remain dry, otherwise they might develop a nasty cold of flu. This means that investing in quality rain gear is an absolute must, especially if the golfer plays in an area that tends to get a lot of rainfall. A rain jacket paired with rain pants can make a world of difference, but having a waterproof hat is necessary, as it would be next to impossible to keep track of the ball in the ran. An umbrella is also advised, as long as some spare, dry clothing that the golfer is able to change into before getting into their car after they’ve finished up for the day. A towel is also a good idea, and it’s an easy addition to any golf bag, along with a replacement pair of socks, as there are few things worse than walking around with wet socks.

Playing On The Course

Having a downpour of rain typically forces the golfer to change how they would normally approach their favourite course. Rain can change how the game works fundamentally, especially in areas like bunkers that can become like quicksand when enough rain has fallen, and much like Australian sports betting, there’s always a bit of risk involved. The golfer then will need to alter not just the way they move around the course, but also the way they swing. When it rains, the air tends to be more restrictive, making it difficult to pull off a full swing. It’s important to try and compensate for this by adding more power to each swing, and many experts recommend taking more clubs than usual to accommodate the changing course.

Getting Annoyed

Rain has a way of ruining any outdoor outing, and it’s easy for a golfer to become extremely annoyed with the constant falling of water on themselves and their gear, but this annoyance can lead to dropped shots and miscalculations. Golfers that are starting to get upset with the weather are better off calling it a day and returning when the weather has cleared up.