Researching the Best Putters for Beginners

Golf is a gentleman’s game, riddled with unpredictable strokes that will test your character, both on and off the course.  Traditional golf has its origins set in Scotland, yet ancient golf and the inception of the game has sparked controversy about its humble beginnings.

One of the most testing aspects of any aspiring golfers game is putting. It looks like the easiest part but new players will know that putting can make or break your entire handicap. Your putter seals the deal; it is the finishing club and the last stand between you and the famous nineteenth hole.

This guide to putters will delight new golfers in quest of the best putters for beginners. Our guide to the best putters for beginners will enlighten novice golfers, with a step by step approach to selecting the best gear, helping you get on the course and working your short game in little to no time at all.

Golfers seeking a scientific formula for selecting the best putter for a beginner should be aware that it simply does not exist. Much to the contrary of popular belief, golf is a game of elegance and balance. The aim of the game is to glide rather than hack at the ball. With this in mind players should select a putter that is comfortable and easy to play with. The following tips will help any novice golfer make a better-informed decision about the perfect putter.

It’s a Long Stick

Even though real money casino gambling is fun, you should never gamble with the length of your putter. First you want to measure your height with your golf shoes on. Once you have your tower size its time to select your stick.

Most putters accommodate average sizes, taller golfers will need custom putters but there are a lot of these floating around pro stores. Remember that you never put with your wrists; the stick needs to follow through in a smooth movement with your arms.

Consider The Putters Weight

A putter controls the ball on the green. The only way to gain optimal control over the ball is to select a putter that is perfectly balanced with a weight that accompanies your playing style and swing. The various beginner putters on the market all have different weights; first test the weight of each individual putter to get an extra edge over your ball control.

The Blade Putter

The blade putter is the largest of the three various designs. The blade putter is optimized for beginners with a large surface area and a well-weighted balance that aims to benefit any new golfer looking to sink a birdie.

The Blade Edge Putter

The blade edge putter is also a good option for beginners. The blade edge putter balances its weight by placing the majority of its weight at the lowest part of the blade. This gives a new player a better centre of gravity and flexible control.

The Mallet Style Putter

Lastly, the mallet style putter is also a great option for beginners. The mallet putter is large and is optimized for beginners by incorporating a large head, which aims to help beginners make contact with the ball.