Glossary of Golf Terms for Beginners Part 2

Glossary of Golf Terms for Beginners Part 2


Also known as a ‘hole in one’, an ace occurs when a player hits the ball directly from the tee straight into the hole with a single stroke.


Aggregate denotes the score made over more than one round of play, or by two more playing as partners.


This occurs when a player strikes the golf ball in a particularly way causing it to spin backwards. This type of spin causes the ball to stop quickly or rotate backwards after landing on the green.


A severe slice which causes the ball to follow a trajectory in the shape of a banana, also known as an ‘extreme slice’.


A hard shot from the bunker which should hopefully send the ball and surrounding sand onto the green. This type of shot is also known as an ‘explosion’.


Typically played from very close to the green, a chip is a short shot intended to send the ball travelling through the air over a short distance, landing on the green, and then rolling the remainder of the way to the hole.


A small putt required to bring the ball back after the previous putt went past the hole.


A hole where the green is straight for a distance and then either curves to the left or right. This type of hole is named for it’s resemblance to the leg of a dog.Double Bogey

Something you don’t want to see when participating in NZ Sports Betting is a double bogey – a hole played in two strokes over par.


An even occurs when a player has a score equal to that of par.


A shot played – especially by skilled right-handed golfers – which send the ball curving slightly to the right. An overshot fade will resemble a slice.


This is a warning shout given when it is believed that the ball may hit other participants or onlookers.

Goldie Bounce

A goldie bounce occurs when the ball hits a tree deep in the rough and bounces straight back onto the green.


A good-good refers to when both players in a match agree to grant each other’s strokes.


A player who displays too much wrist movement in their swing or stroke, resulting in inconsistent play is referred to as handsy.


A hazard is a bunker or permanent body of water, including any land marked as part of that hazard and special rules of play apply when taking a shot from a hazard.

Inward Nine

The last nine holes of a golf course are referred to as the inward nine, as older links courses were designed to bring players back in towards the clubhouse after going out on the first nine holes.


A short, quick putt that often results in an erratic ball trajectory.


A type of shot intended to have a very low path, generally used to combat strong wind.

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