Good Golf Etiquette 101

Compared to many other sporting codes, golf is a mannerly game, generally speaking. While some golfers are known for tantrums on and off the green, most players are serious about etiquette.

In fact, some players might even argue that following golf etiquette is as important as following the hallowed rules of the game. The basics of golf etiquette for beginners are really based on common sense. Take a closer look at them with

Golf Etiquette: Arrival and Warm-Up

Be sure to leave the house or office timeously, so that you arrive at the course on time. It is completely understandable if you want to warm up a bit before you make your way to the first tee, but don’t let your warm-ups keep your fellow golfers waiting.

This is one of the most important points of golf etiquette, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player.

Golf Etiquette: On the Course

golf etiquette for beginnersAn important part of golf etiquette when playing at a course that is new to you is to peruse the score card at the first tee to ensure you are familiar with any rules particular to that course or club.

Mark your ball in a way that makes it easily identifiable to yourself and to your fellow players. You should also let them know what number ball and what type of ball you are playing.

Another important aspect of golf etiquette for beginners is to ensure that your fellow golfers are happy with the stakes if you have decided to play a match. This is also true if you and your golfing buddies have decided to place golfing bets together.

As it is unlikely that you and your fellow players will be the only ones on the course, it is important to avoid slowing down play.

It is also good golf etiquette to suggest another player plays if you aren’t quite ready to take a swing when your turn comes up.

Golf etiquette for beginners also covers what happens on the putting green. If your ball is not the furthest away from the hole or is on another player’s putting line, think about marking your ball with a plastic marker or a small coin.

Do not distract other players who are getting ready to putt by making a noise or moving around, and if there is no caddie and you are the player who is closest to the hole, you will need to see to the flagpole.

Golf Etiquette: At the End

Golf etiquette for beginners also covers refreshments. If you pay for your fellow players’ drinks or other refreshments after the 9th hole, known as the Turn, you do not need to offer to buy more refreshments after the 18th hole.

When your party comes to the end of the round, offer your congratulations to the winners and commiserate with the losers. You should also shake hands with all your fellow players, and let them know what a great time you had.