The Top Golf Movies Worth Watching

Being one of the most popular sports in history, it makes sense that golf has spread out as more than just a sport and can now be found in a variety of mediums, including film. And unlike video game movies, films based on sports tend to usually be quite good, often providing compelling stories and memorable characters, especially when based on real people.

There are plenty of great golf films worth seeing, ranging from silly comedies to touching pieces that all somehow use golf as the platform to tell their stories.

  1. The Legend of Bagger Vance

This is a movie that doesn’t revolve around the golfer, but rather the caddy, and tells an epic story of a man named Bagger Vance that helps a washed up golfer through trying times. Not only does Vance guide him to finding his true self, but he also gives him the assistance he needs to get his swing back. It’s a touching movie that stars Will Smith in the lead.

  1. Happy Gilmore

One of the greats from Adam Sandler, Happy Gilmore is a comedy like no other, and revolves around a man named Happy who is an aggressive hockey player who finds his way into the game of golf in a bid to save his grandmother’s house from being sold. It’s one of Sander’s all-time greats, featuring a plethora of truly memorable moments that see Sandler at its best, especially when compared to some of the films he would make later in his career. It’s a unique movie that offers a mix of funny and sweet in equal measure, and definitely one that all golfers should give a watch at least once.

  1. Caddyshack

Considered as one of the best movies of all time, Caddyshack is truly one of a kind. Starring the legendary Bill Murray who plays the groundskeeper Carl and his constant fight against a gopher, this is a film that’s simply not worth skipping. The main story focuses on a young boy that’s hoping to win a scholarship for himself, but it’s the background elements that really make it work. It’s not a movie for everyone, as some might find the humour fairly bland and unforgettable, but anyone with a passion for golf as well as dry humour, there are few other movies that quite compare to Caddyshack.

  1. Tin Cup

With the famous Kevin Costner at the lead, playing main character Roy McAvoy, Tin Cup is often regarded as the best golfing film ever made. Once a true golf prodigy, McAvoy owns a range where he now teaches others how to golf in order to make a living, which is where he meets a young psychologist, Molly, who slowly begins to change his life. He attempts to become pro again in the US Open, and with Molly’s help, he slowly begins to rebuild his lost confidence. While there is plenty of humour to be found here, it’s also a movie that involves some real golfing action, and a definite must-see.