Top Tips for Purchasing the Best Golf Bag

One of the most exciting things about starting out in golf is choosing all the necessary equipment! Apart from clubs, researching the best courses in the world, and trying out your golfing attire, have you found the perfect golf bag yet? There is plenty to consider when it comes to the perfect golf bag, but fortunately you’ve got our golf bag buying guide to help you out.

Selecting the Type of Golf Bag

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on the type of golf bag you want as there are several different types available: stand bags, staff bags, hybrid bags, cart bags…the list goes on. If you prefer to walk while playing golf, then a stand bag is your best option, while a hybrid bag has a lot of storage space, a stand, and a comfortable strap to help you carry it.

Pockets and Club Dividers

The purpose of having a good golf bag is to prevent your clubs from smashing into each other and the best ones use full-length dividers to separate the bag into multiple pockets. Bags generally have 3-5 pockets and while the number preferred is entirely up to you, the best option is to have a pocket for woods, a pocket for short irons, and two more pockets for middle and long irons.


Just like some prefer online casino games to sports betting, you may prefer to carry your golf bag. In this case, it’s imperative that the bag has a very comfortable strap considering how hefty a full bag can be. The strap should be wide, well-padded, and should have plenty of room for adjustment to suit your body type perfectly. The straps should be able to adjust enough that the bag sits square on your shoulders at a slight angle to keep the clubs securely in the bag.


While most modern golf bags have shed as much weight as possible in order to make carrying easier while still maintaining their sturdiness, a full bag may still be difficult to carry comfortably. If you’re not keen on using a golf cart, consider a smaller, lighter bag with fewer pockets and storage options as you don’t want to be struggling to carry your bag across 18 holes.

Storage Compartments

The best golf bag will have plenty of storage compartments for everything you could possibly need for a round of your favourite game. You’ll need space for your golf balls, gloves, tees, and accessories, as well as the necessary golf attire such as waterproofs, a sweater, towel, and umbrella. A pocket for your water bottle and a fleece-lined compartment for your valuables are also handy flourishes.


Golf cannot by any means be described as a cheap pastime and you’ll likely have to fork out quite a bit of cash when you’re starting out, but one thing you shouldn’t skimp on is your golf bag! Just like a runner would purchase the best running shoes, you should also invest in the best golf bag you can afford.