Beginners Guide To Golfing Attire

A Beginner’s Guide To Golfing Attire

There’s a lot to learn when starting out in the golf; all the different terms and phrases, the multitude of clubs and what each one does, and the rules of the game itself. What a lot of new players don’t tend to put a lot of thought into before starting out is what exactly to wear, and this can sometimes lead to embarrassment once they’re out on the course.

Golf is well known for its unique clothing style, and this is most evident in what the pros wear when they compete against each other. The short-sleeve jerseys, the polo shirts, the pants, the sunglasses, the gloves, the hat – it’s all part of a long and interesting golfing history that has evolved over time. Much like online blackjack Canada, golf is something that needs to be experienced to really be able to learn and appreciate what it has to offer, but before you go out on the course to practise your swing, first learn what kind of attire would be best suited for a day on the greens.

For Men

The most popular shirt for golfer men is the polo. It’s relatively comfortable, comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, and colours, and is more practical than aesthetic. A high-quality polo is recommended – one that allows maximum manoeuvrability while also allowing enough airflow so that you don’t become drenched on a particularly hot day.

Next are the adornments on the shirt, which usually come in a sweater, vest, or pullover. These are better for the colder days, but depending on where you live, a light thermal jacket may be necessary. Golfers generally prefer long, full-length pants, but shorts are admitted, so long as they are not cut-offs. Most other golfers frown upon Jeans and sweatpants, but they would most likely give you a pass if you are new to the game.

For Women

For new women golfers, the best place to start is with a collared shirt, which offers the same benefits as a polo. This, along with turtlenecks and blouses are always welcome, as well as sleeveless tops, it’s just important that they have a collar. Long skirts, shorts, slacks, and capris are all accepted at most clubs. As long as there’s nothing too revealing, and the clothing fits in well with the club you’re joining, you should encounter no problems.

For both sexes, hats, sunglasses, and visors are accepted, and are recommended for bright days where you need to be able to see at some length. A comfortable pair of golf shoes is an absolute necessity, as this will make your life easier and keep you from getting into any trouble with the other golfers. Some clubs will allow for more relaxed apparel, and some even allow the wearing of jeans and t-shirts, as long as they contain nothing offensive in the way of messages or imagery.