Best Caribbean Golf Courses

The Best Tropical Golf Courses in The Caribbean

Sports are one of the few modern pastimes that can be enjoyed for both professional and recreational reasons. Golf, in particular, is a game that many people like to play on a quiet afternoon, and while some do eventually make it pro, for the majority, it’s a sport to be enjoyed. Golf is also a popular attraction for tourists, as its beautiful courses and engaging gameplay make it the perfect way to spend a day while on vacation.

The tropics tend to be among the more visited vacation sports, especially around the Caribbean. The crystal clear waters, emerald jungles, warm sun and endless resorts keep the tourists piling in year after year, and many have realised the potential of having golf courses available for those that enjoy the game. This means that there are some truly incredible courses to play in the Caribbean, and for those days where the sun is shining and you’ve had enough sports betting nz, these are the perfect courses to visit.

  1. Cinnamon Hill

This course is situated on a large piece of land that was once a sugar plantation. Over the years, the natural vegetation has grown back, and it wasn’t long before its potential as a brilliant golf course became apparent. With the ocean to one side and sprawling, green hills to the other, Cinnamon Hill is idyllic for the game, and its diversity makes it worth going back to day-after-day.

  1. East Coast Course

Found at Dorado Beach, this course was restored by Robert Trent Jones. For a long time, the course was in a state of disrepair, and had mostly faded out of popularity among local golfers. Jones aimed to change that, and it was a complete success, making it one of the best courses worth visiting on the coast.

  1. Punta Espada

Designed by legend Jack Nicktaus, this course follows the natural contours of the nearby beaches, and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding ocean. It’s a 72-par course, and its 13th hole is the most memorable thanks to a shot over the water to a small island green. On the other side is a gorgeous beach with thick jungle just a little further, truly reminding the player of the tropical paradise they’re currently in.

  1. Corales Golf Course

This is one of the newer courses, having been opened in 2010 at the Puntacana Resort. Situated next to an ocean, the course was designed by Tom Fazio, and remains unique due to how the course forms around the various cliffs, coves, and inland lakes. The last three holes are the most well known, where the player has to play over the Bay of Corales.

  1. The Green Monkey

Another design by Tom Fazio, the Green Monkey has often been cited as the best course in the Caribbean, and the overall best tropical course in the world. Set in Barbados, carved from the remnants of an old lime quarry, this course is a testament to how beautiful a golf course can really be. With surrounding greenery, and a series of memorable greens and holes thanks to the changes in elevation, this is a course that should be on every golfer’s bucket list.