Country Club Golf Courses In Australia

It’s the best game on the planet and the most frustrating game all at once. It doesn’t matter how you slice it, some people were born for it and others have applied their patience to hone their skills and become better through experience. You either love it or hate it, but one thing is for sure, it will test you from every single tee.

Golf enthusiasts will know what I’m talking about, it’s so much more than focus or patience, it’s an adopted mindset where your body needs to position itself into certain poise for each and every swing. Enough about the actual game play though; one of the most relaxing aspects of golf is the beautiful surroundings in which you find yourself through the 18-hole trip.

From luscious fairways to finely manicured greens, a golf course is like a beautiful garden in which to play and find your inner child, through a variety of mind-bending attempts at whacking the ball. The following golf courses are country clubs in Australia that go beyond the normality of a straightforward golf course.

The Country Club

A country club is something special. It’s an elitist club where the grounds are kept top notch all year round for superior golf play. These clubs are usually privately owned and the only way to secure membership is through the admittance quota or admittance by invitation or sponsorship.

Country clubs, like betting NZ options, usually offer a wide variety of sports, entertainment and dining facilities for distinguished guests and members of the club. Most country clubs are able to offer its members recreational sports such as golf tennis and swimming as the club is usually located on the outskirts of suburbs or cities and plays host to massive grounds that cater to these activities.

Country Clubs In Australia

Australia as a country is not short of open space, home to some of the most breathtaking views on the planet where ocean meets coastline in a culmination of elegant ebb and flow, which tosses against scenic beach beauty. It’s no surprise that Australia has a variety of country clubs where golf is the order of the day.

These golf courses located on country clubs in Australia have hosted some of the finest golf tournaments in the world. With inspiring landscapes and raw landscape beauty, these country clubs are some of the finest down under.

Castle Hill Country Club

Recognized as one of the top 100 golf courses in Australia, Castle Hill Country Club is Sydney’s leading private golf club. With an impressive world-class par-72 golf course, situated on 167 acres of pure golfers bliss. Castle Hill is a course that must be played but also enjoyed as you take in the scenic beauty of the open fairways, the sandstone buildings and the majestic bush land surrounding the course.

Golfers opting for Castle Hill Country Club will be eager to learn that the club has hosted major golfing tournaments such as the Australian PGA tour and the Canon Challenge. Ladies can look forward to a one day tournament held annually in January and the men’s Pro Am, a two day tournament, which is settled in March of every year.

McCracken Country Club Victor Harbour

McCracken Country Club sports a standard 18-hole course with a par-72. McCracken is unique in that it is open for guests staying at the club as well as for the public who would like a taste of the beautiful surrounds the course wraps around.

Legendary golf architect Tony Cashmore designed the course, and is one of the prestige courses situated on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Lake Karrinyup Country Club

Viewed as Western Australia’s most premium golf club Lake Karrinyup Country Club serves as an iconic must see when visiting Perth. Located just 13 km from Perth’s CBD, the club hosts a distinct array of indigenous wildlife including kangaroos and species of birds.

Players seeking a membership at Lake Karrinyup will need to receive an invitation to become a member, although the club does consider ladies applications. The club is also the new home of the Perth International Golf Championship, a challenging event that sees golfers from around the world flocking to the grounds.