Explore Peru’s Famous Golf Courses

Peru has an amazing and diverse legacy, being bordered by five other nations on the west coast of South America. In the 15th century, before the country became independent from Spain in 1824, the Inca empire flirted with both democracy and dictatorship.

The Andes mountain range splits the beautiful nation into three different areas. They are a long, tight coastal plain to the west, a mountainous region formed by mighty mountains that run from the north to the south, and a massive span of 60% of the country that is covered by the iconic Amazon rainforest.

Football, volleyball, surfing, and sailing are sports in which Peruvian players have excelled at over the past few decades. However, when it comes to golf, Peru is known more for its stunning golf courses than it is for world class players of the sport. Luckily, you can still be part of the country’s exciting golf scene by visiting one of these courses, which offer breathtaking sea, mountain and forest views!

Lima Golf Club

Founded in 1924, Lima is an exclusive Peruvian golf club that has one notable catch: you have to be introduced by a member to get in. Based in San Isidro, this 18 hole course is set against a backdrop of lush greenery and historical buildings that have been standing for nearly 100 years. The club is also conveniently located near many great hotels, other golf courses like Los Inkas and Country Club de Villa, as well as the Jorge Chavez International Airport.

Los Inkas Golf Club

Los Inkas is probably Peru’s most iconic golf course, and for good reason. Established in 1945, the 18-hole course boasts stunning views of native forest and wildlife for those who are willing to pay its $100 green fee – the highest in the country! Located in Monterico Lima, the course is just 400m away from the Los Inkas Lima Hotel and the Country Club La Planicie.

Country Club de Villa

This is another 18 hole course that was established back in 1957. Country Club de Villa is famous for its rolling green lawns, integrated pools and dams, and towering palm trees which give it a tropical appeal. It’s also a few kilometres away from the Lima Golf Club, Los Inkas, and various great accommodation options. This ensures that you can still enjoy your favourite online casino Singapore games, even after a long day of golfing!

Amazon Golf Course

Those who are looking for a classic Amazonian golfing experience will find exactly what they need at the Amazon Golf Course in Iquitos. Designed specifically to appeal to tourists, the course is a par-33, 9 hole course that spans a whopping 24 acres of beautiful land. Green fees are set at an affordable maximum of around $25. The water traps around the course are filled with caimans, piranhas, and even snakes – so reptile lovers will certainly be in their elements here! Interestingly, it is probably the only golf course in the planet where a machete is a standard issue along with your clubs… just in case.

Country Club Granja Azul

This popular 9 hole course is based just 5.3km from Country Club La Planicie, another of Peru’s best courses. Also close to the El Pueblo Resort and Convention Centre and Gran Hotel Santo Domingo, you can stay in the country in style while you explore this lush green course at your leisure.