The Links Listings

Whether you’re a complete newbie, or a seasoned veteran tackling the links twice a week, golf is a sport that will test your self-control in New found ways. It’s the glimmer of hope at the end of the hole, the thin little pole that stands resolute in the distance with a tiny flag to inspire you; that gives you hope.

A challenging game with many obstacles, this is how most golfers like to explain the pressures of chasing the white ball across green pastures for nine or eighteen holes. Even though it can push you to points you thought you had overcome in your childhood, leaving you throwing your clubs out the cot, golf is a fantastic sport played by gentleman and ladies.

With the modern games traditional roots firmly soiled in Scotland, the ancient origins of golf are obscure and hotly debated amongst enthusiasts looking to claim the sport for their ancestry.

It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that golf is a game of passion, met equally with the beauty surrounding you as you navigate through the course. The following links are a handful of the top golf courses to play on in the world.

Royal County Down, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom hosts some of the best golf courses in the world, Royal County Down golf course meets and exceeds those standards. With two distinct 18-hole courses, nestled in splendour between the mountains of Mourne and the Irish Sea.

This 100-year-old beauty is as challenging as she is beautiful. It’s a difficult course to play, the fairways are closely outlined by thicket such as heather and gorse, while bunkers are covered by wild tussocks. Players tackling this links should also be aware that the wind from the coast make Royal County even more challenging on gusty days.

Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Located in Melbourne, eastern Australia, this private links sports two 18-hole courses, East and West. With lush vegetation and a composite course for special tournaments, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club is one of the best golf courses to play in the world. 

Over 126 years old and with a capacity for over 15 000 spectators, the Royal Melbourne is the home of the Canada Cup or World Cup. The course supports a bright atmosphere with festivity and basking sunshine, adding colour to any tour, much like when you play online slots casino games!

Pebble Beach, California

Many golfing enthusiasts consider Pebble Beach golf links the oldest known course in North America.

The course comprises of narrow fairways, which make the links challenging, but it’s all worthwhile when you pause and admire the rocky shores of California’s pacific coast. The beauty and combined challenge make Pebble Beach one of the top golf courses to play in the world.

St. Andrews, Scotland

The mist engulfs your face, like a soft swirl of bedsheets. Scotland by nature is a rare place on earth where, if you don’t like the weather you simply wait 15 minutes and admire the change, or wait for the next.

Widely considered the home of golf and surrounded by a countryside so beautiful that it will make you stick out like a sore thumb in photos, leaving relatives to question whether you were photoshopped into the equation.

St. Andrews, the old course is legendary amongst golfers in quest of a shot at playing on one of the best golf courses in the world. Dating back to the fifteenth century the old course at St. Andrews is tucked away in the stormy North Sea dunes, with temperamental weather conditions that can make the great game challenging, the old course is recommended for golfers with a bit more experience.

For newcomers, consider the 9-hole course at Strathtyrum, which is perfect for beginners looking to earn their mark on one of the top golf courses in the world.