The Most Beautiful Golf Courses in Europe

The Most Beautiful Golf Courses in Europe

Europe is made up of dozens of countries, and each one boasts a different landscape, complete with their own ecosystems, forests, and mountain ranges. The entire region is a collection of some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

This is great news for anyone looking to play golf in an idyllic scenario, because Europe is home to some of the best golf courses that the world has to offer. For those wanting to play a round while surrounded by natural forests or by ancient mountains, there are few better regions than Europe. With that in mind, these are some of the best courses that Europe has to offer.

  1. Monte Rei Golf And Country Club – Portugal

Portugal is a stunning country with some of the best landscapes in the western side of Europe. With fantastic weather, great food and culture, there are few better places to visit, and their top club, the Monte Rei Golf and Country Club, is the best that the country has to offer.

  1. Bay Course Costa Navarino – Greece

Greece shares much of the same climate as Portugal, meaning that most days, players go out on to the greens, it will be warm and shining. The Bay Course Costa Navarino is situated just above the coast, meaning that players get to enjoy a view of the ocean while they play, in true Greek style.

  1. St Andrews – Scotland

Often cited as the birthplace of modern golf, St Andrews is situated in one of Scotland’s more temperate areas, and while it does rain occasionally, players will more often find themselves playing in the sun. It’s also a great sport for those that want to learn more about the game itself and where it originally came from.

  1. Garda Golf Country Club – Italy

Garda Golf Country Club has hosted the Italian Open twice in its lifetime, and it’s one of the most memorable courses in the region. With an extremely unique landscape, it’s not uncommon to find players spending countless hours out on the course, and it’s the ultimate way to spend a day after other ventures, such as online bingo Australia.

  1. Golf Club Murhof – Austria

Austria is a country known for its mixture of rolling green forests and massive, snow-capped mountains. Golf Club Murhof is the oldest course in the country, and is open between March and November. The course is also home to one of Austria’s most exclusive golf schools.

  1. Turnberry – Scotland’s

Back to Scotland, the home of golf. The Turnberry is made up of three distinct courses: The Kintyre, the Ailsa, and The Arran courses. Each is different, and caters to both beginner and expert players. It’s also located fairly close to the ocean, meaning that players can turn and see the Scottish coastline, or the rolling hills on the other side. With a Pro Shop, and a Golf Academy boasting PGA-qualified professionals, the Turnberry is considered by many to be the best golf course not just in Scotland, but in the entirety of Europe.