The Worlds Strangest Golf Courses

The Strangest Golf Courses In The World

Golf is a game like no other. It is a mixture of so many elements that make it truly unique, despite having such a simple premise. The players, the gear, and, of course, the pieces of land that the players practise and compete on make it a game that has withstood the test of time and remained one of the most popular pastimes that the world has ever seen.

Golf is an international sport that is played on every continent on the planet, and because there are so many players, there are plenty of different golf courses to choose from. These range from massive, sprawling courses worthy of international tournaments, to small, local courses fit for the nearby enthusiasts.

Some golf courses, on the other hand, are outright strange. Whether it’s the rules of the course, where the course is located, or how the players interact with different aspects of the course, these are the strangest courses in the world – fit to even pull you from that Australian open tennis betting you were following.

Brickyard Crossing, Indiana

To start with, we have the Brickyard Crossing, a course like no other in the world. While it has all the amenities that you would expect from any decent course, what makes this one different is that it is set right in the middle of a motor race track – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to be exact. The course is completely friendly to walkers, but understandably it can be difficult for players to focus on the game while a Ferrari thunders past.

Hans Merensky Golf Club, South Africa

One of the biggest appeals of venturing to the southernmost country of Africa is the wildlife. Lions, elephants, zebra, just about everything you can imagine lives in the country, and they’re all a spectacle to behold.

Near the famous Kruger National Park we have the Hans Merensky Golf Club, which by all accounts is your average course – apart from the fact that the wildlife has no qualms about carrying on with their business no more than a few metres away. This means that you could look up from your swing and see a leopard lazily watching you from a nearby tree.

Uummannaq, Greenland

Hard to pronounce, and hard to play, this is the coldest course in the world, and aimed at the toughest of golfers. Here, the greens are white, and all golfing attire must include heavy thermal gear, including orange balls for easier spotting. Despite this, the course offers some truly breath taking views of the surrounding landscape, making it a course worth visiting at least once for anyone looking for something unparalleled.

Furnace Creek Golf Club – Death Valley

The name says it all: Death Valley. With some of the hottest ambient temperatures ever recorded in human history, it wouldn’t make sense to have a golf course here. Yet there is one, and a fully functioning one at that. The course is open throughout the entirety of summer, even on the hottest days, and golfers are advised to remain hydrated at all times to fend off the searing heat.

The golfing world is home to many truly weird golf courses, and although these tend to be the most extreme, they are also a testament to the popular nature of the game.