Avoiding Heat Exhaustion when Playing Golf

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion when Playing Golf

Golfers often experience different types of weather.  Playing golf in very hot and humid conditions can be dangerous especially if you are not used to the climate.  Symptoms include intense sweating and a rapid pulse as well as loss of consciousness and even a seizure if heat exhaustion is not treated.  If heat exhaustion is not treated it can even lead to a stroke. 

Heat exhaustion can happen if you have not adapted to the change in climate.  If you for example live in Minnesota and visit Miami in January to play golf it may be difficult for you to adjust to the extreme changes in climate.  Minnesota is very cold while Miami is very hot so it may be difficult to acclimatise especially when playing a strenuous game of golf.

When playing golf especially when it is very hot the body perspires to help keep the body cool.  When this perspiration evaporates it helps with keeping the body temperature low.  Humidity however does hamper this process, which many result in heat exhaustion.

Stay Hydrated

Heat exhaustion can also occur if you do not stay hydrated.  Body fluids are lost through sweating which results in the loss of salt and electrolytes.  If these are not replaced adequately it can cause the circulatory problems that may cause heat exhaustion.  Drinking water while playing golf is very important, but in order to replace lost salts and electrolytes it is best to drink a sports drink which contains these.

Dehydration happens when the body does not replace the fluids it has lost and if the body does not have enough water.  Besides staying hydrated while playing golf it is also beneficial to drink large amount of water before playing especially if the conditions are hot and humid.  It is better to drink cool water and not ice water because the body is able to absorb cool water faster.

No Alcohol Before Playing

Unlike real money pokies, Golf is a social sport and some golfers like to enjoy a beer or two before playing.  Consuming alcohol before a game can have adverse effects as the body is not able to regulate its temperature in the proper way and this can lead to heat exhaustion.  It is therefore advisable to stay away from alcohol before or during a round of golf.  Rather be social and have a few beers after the game.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing correctly also plays a big part in avoiding heat exhaustion.  Heavy clothes should be avoided as this can cause the body temperature to rise and also does not allow for perspiration to be evaporated.  Some areas have cooler mornings and the afternoons are warmer.  For these types of conditions it is best to dress in layers so that as the temperature changes layers can be removed.  There are also special fabrics that adjust to the temperature.  Loose fitting clothing is also a better option as it allows the air to circulate.  Protection from the sun is also important so use sunscreen and wear sunglasses and a hat for extra protection.