Essential Tips For Improving Your Golf Game

Virtually everyone can grasp the concept of getting the ball in the hole. But, of course, gold is a far more elaborate and complicated game than that. From developing a strategy for each hole, to learning which club is best in which circumstances, it truly is only the most dedicated that can rank themselves amongst the best in the world.

With that being said, everyone has to start somewhere. Newbies to the golf greens are faced with the task of grasping the essentials, including perfecting their swings, and learning how to make the most of each club.

Here are a few essentials for golf beginners to consider. Though, even those who consider themselves advanced players would be wise to re-familiarise themselves with the essential basics.

You Only Need A Few Clubs

Yes, you will see professionals walking around with bags containing up to 14 clubs, and yes it can make a beginner feel somewhat intimidated. But here is a little secret; you don’t need close to 14 clubs to play a great round of golf. In fact, many of the top professionals will firmly argue that less clubs is a far better choice than more.

To play a full round of gold, you can get away with taking just a fairway wood, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, a putter, and a driver. That’s it, you don’t need anything more. Once you have become extremely comfortable with these few clubs, then, and only then, consider trying out more. But we will stress it one more time; you don’t necessarily need more.

Try Before You Buy

Speaking of branching out to new clubs, here is a bit of universal advice; try before you buy. There is absolutely no point in buying a club that you will not get use out of, so be sure to thoroughly try out a club before you decide to purchase it.

Take Advantage Of More Loft

Despite what your “expert” golf friend might tell you, lean towards clubs that offer more loft. Because, very simply, clubs rated with better loft make it easier to get the ball where it needs to go. A driver rated as having 10 degrees of loft is far kinder to the player, especially one that isn’t a trained athlete. As far as fairway woods go, lean towards those starting with 17 degrees of loft, not 15 degrees. This decission will only make the game easier to grasp, and far more forgiving.

Take Lessons And Practice

Beginner or seasoned professional, lessons are the key to reaching full potential. But we don’t necessarily mean throwing mountains of cash at trainers. There are mountains of free lessons available online, from extensive YouTube video courses to highly detailed manuals. Take advantage of this material, do lessons on a regular basis, and practice every chance you get. Remember; even a tiny backyard can be shaped into an improvised putting green. If you’re serious, you’ll be putting in your backyard at least two or three times a week.