Gear Maintenance Tips Every Golfer Should Know

The gear needed for golf can sometimes be quite the investment. From the overall cost of the gear itself to getting the right materials for any fixes, any golfer that’s serious about the sport will know that it’s never just a once-off cost, and that enjoying golf means having to always keep gear maintained.

It can be difficult to keep track of what kind of maintenance needs to be done and when, which is why every golfer will need to assess the gear that they have and use the following tips and tricks to ensure that their gear it always well-maintained.

Storage And Transportation

Most people are quick to throw their clubs and other equipment into the boot of their car, but this is something that’s generally worth avoiding, especially for the golfer that happens to live in a hotter country.

The boot of a vehicle can get extremely hot when sitting out in the sun, and this can cause the glues found in golf gear to slowly break down, leading to breakages down the road. This includes the epoxy that manufacturers use to keep the head of a golf club attached to the shaft, and it’s a common reason that golf club heads randomly fly off during a swing.

Instead, consider keeping the clubs in the cabin of the car, where the climate can be controlled by the driver, and never leave the clubs in the vehicle in the sun for long periods of time.

Moisture Issues

Gear that’s stored in a damp area will, over time, begin to grow mould, and this mould can slowly corrode golf clubs and other pieces of equipment, especially if it spends most of its time within a golf bag, which is the perfect environment for mould to proliferate.

It would be best if the gear is instead kept in a place that’s both dry and at room temperature as much as possible to reduce the chances of any kinds of mould growing.

Avoid keeping gear in a garage or outdoor tool shed, and rather have it in a place somewhere in the house that’s free from any kind of moisture.

Clean Before Storing

Take the time to clean everything before putting it away for storage. This is as simple as using soap, warm water, and a sponge to clean clubs and balls to remove any mud or other debris that might be stuck to them. Let them dry for a while – not in the sun – and it will help everything stay clean and free from pests, mould, and any corrosion that might otherwise have occurred.

Cleaning The Golf Bag

To clean a golf bag, get a hold of a soft cloth, dunk it in warm water, and wipe everything down, both inside and out. Leave the bag to dry for around 24 hours to disallow any moulds to grow on the gear within the bag, and a great time to check out the latest AFL sports bets.

Make sure to keep the bag in a place that’s dry and consistently at room temperature.