Golf Attire for Hot and Humid Weather

Golf Attire for Hot and Humid Weather

While a sunny, windless day is certainly ideal golfing conditions, particularly hot and humid weather poses a few challenges for golfers. Playing a round of golf in high summer can leave you dehydrated with sun sickness if you’re not careful and extra precautions must be taken to ensure that your day of golf ends on a positive note. Deciding what to wear should be carefully considered, so be sure to wear clothes that keep you cool, don’t restrict your swing, and still adhere to the dress code of the course you’re visiting. Fortunately both male and female golfers have a wide range of choices for the perfect golfing attire for hot days.

Golf Shirts

Cotton may seem like a good option for hot days owing to its light feel and comfort on the skin, but unfortunately it isn’t very good at wicking moisture and sweat will make your once comfortable cotton shirt feel heavy and sticky. However, certain companies have taken the comfort of cotton and combined it will a specially-designed cotton yarn which has been treated to absorb sweat and dry quicker. Be sure to read the labels and make sure that the cotton shirt purchased is moisture-wicking.

Pants and Undergarments

Wearing slacks in hot and humid weather conditions is a recipe for disaster, so opting for shorts which still adhere to the course’s guidelines is your best bet. Wearing loose shorts will promote air circulation and light colours such as white or tan will reflect the sun away from your body – save your dark coloured shorts for enjoying Lucky Nugget casino Canada. However, if full-length pants are required by the course, be sure to wear a brand which uses synthetic construction to draw the sweat away from your body. Cotton boxers and undergarments will not be a good idea either, so be sure to wear undergarments made from moisture-wicking fabric or breathable wool to keep you cool and dry.

Skirts or Skorts

While some female golfers wear shorts or synthetic construction long pants on hot and humid days, many prefer to wear a skirt or ‘skort’ – a combination of shorts and a skirt. Be sure to choose a light-coloured, synthetic skirt that will keep you cool in the heat of the day, but it shouldn’t too short to still adhere to the course’s dress code. As with golf pants, only purchase items which are specifically labelled as ‘moisture-wicking’ as this will diminish the chances of your skirt, shorts, or skort bunching up at the waist from sweat.

Hats and Caps

If you’re prone to dehydration and sun sickness, it’s imperative that you wear plenty of sunblock and stay hydrated with plenty of water and energy drinks, but you should always wear a hat as well. Peak caps and wide-brimmed hats are both perfectly acceptable, depending on your preference, and like much other specifically-designed golfing attire, hats are also available with moisture-wicking properties. Look out for hats which incorporate Rayosan technology – a process which makes the hat’s fabric reflect the harmful UVA and UVB rays away from your head.

Happy golfing!