The Only Golf Putting Tips You Need

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The putting golf tips we have listed for you can help you read putts as well as execute them smoothly, cleanly, and with ease.

Judge the Slope and Distance

You’ve hit the ball and made your way to the green, and now you need to assess the situation before putting. A good place to start is by judging the distance between the ball and the hole, as well as the slope of the ground.

Some players swear by reading their putts from behind their ball, while others are adamant that golfers should read their putts from behind the hole.

The first of our putting tips is give you a good rule of thumb to follow. If you need to putt uphill, you should read the putt from behind the ball; if you need to putt downhill, read the putt from behind the hole.

Focus on Judging Distance

Learning to judge distance properly is one of the key putting golf tips. The best way to do it is side-on, rather than from behind your ball, as it offers a much better sense of distance.

Doing so can also help you determine how much force you should apply so that your golf ball goes the distance.

Use a horizontal line in the background or the front of your cap or hat as a standard, or cup your hands around your face to decrease peripheral vision. Doing this means you will not be distracted by the things you don’t need to see at that moment.

Remember the Clock-Face

putting golf tipsThe next one of our golf putting tips is to remember the clock face. Visualising the green as a clock face can also be a tremendous help when reading your putts.

To do this, you should imagine a clock face superimposed over the hole, with your ball at 6 o’clock. Consider the position at which your ball would need to fall into the hole, and then focus on that position, and that position only.

Read With Your Feet and Fingers

Another of the top putting tips is to read your putts using your feet and fingers. If you have ever seen top golfer Adam Scott in action on TV or when golf betting online, you may well have spotted him using the technique.

One way of doing this is to walk the distance between your ball and the hole. When you have done that, use your fingers to determine the line along which you need to aim.

Use Your Weight

Another of the best putting golf tips is to use your weight to your advantage. You can do this by leaning in the other direction to the slope, and then shifting your weight onto either your toes or your heels, depending on whether you will put from right to left or left to right.