Top 10 Easy Golf Swing Tips

To the uninitiated, golf appears to be one of the easiest sports to play. Golfers appear to hit a little ball with a funny-shaped stick, walk after it, and hit it again.

However, any golfer or golf sports betting fan in New Zealand would be quick to point out that there is more to the sport than that. The swing is all-important, and it is not easy to master. has 10 fantastic golf swing tips that can help you do it.

  1. Put Your Body Into It

Swing with your body, and not just your arms, because that’s where the real force comes from. If you are already in the habit of swinging with your arms when you play golf, do your best to unlearn it.

  1. Lower Hands Mean Lower Shots

The second of our best golf swing tips is to keep your follow-through at a relatively low height. This will reduce the height at which your ball travels through the air.

  1. Hinge Your Wrists

The third of our golf swing tips can help you to take better control of the club. Ensure the angle between the shaft of the club and your left arm is at 45 degrees before you take a swing.

  1. Use Your Right Elbow

Another of the best golf swing tips is to improve the tilt of your shoulders and the power of your shots by perfecting where you position your right elbow. Place your elbow close to the inner edge of your golf shirt’s right seam.

  1. Remember Your Forearm

The fifth of our top golf swing tips is remember your right forearm. You know you have positioned your shoulders correctly during the backswing if your forearm and spine are parallel.

  1. Use Your Thumbs

One of the best golf swing tips usually forgotten by beginners is to use your thumbs to decrease the speed of closing the club face. Point both thumbs down to the ground to improve your technique.

  1. Perfect Your Swing Path

Eliminate slices by controlling your club’s swing path. This is one of the most important golf swing tips we can share with you. Do your best to ensure the path of your swing is from the inside, rather than the outside.

  1. Improve Chipping with Wrist Control

Another of the best golf swing tips also requires you to pay attention to your left wrist. Master your chipping technique by practicing keeping your left wrist stiff as the club head moves through the space of impact.

  1. Swing with a K

golf swing tipsThe ninth of our golf swing tips is to remember the K. This refers to the angle between the upper and lower parts of your back leg, and you can achieve it leaning forward from the hips and bending backward from your knees.

  1. Keep Your Head Behind the Ball

Prevent early release of the ball by keeping your left side firm and your head behind the ball. This should keep your body in balance.