Golf Tips You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

When it comes to keeping your cool on the greens, having a clear-cut strategy can only stand you in good stead. After all, Arnold Palmer believed that golf was deceptively simple, but also endlessly complicated. This is down to the fact that golf is as much a game of skill as it is a game of chance – you can do your best but still hit a birdie every now and again.

Even if you’ve been on the links for a while, you may find you’re hitting more over par bogeys than normal. Which is why it may be time to come back to basics before you head to the greens again.

The following golfing tips are from top golf pros and will do you the world of good as a refresher.

Swing It Right

The golf swing has a lot more importance in the long run. PGA professional, and Sugar Mill golf director, Derek Morrison thinks that allowing your natural swing to come out is one of the most simple tips around, but he believes that this advice is the most potent when put properly into play.

Cross-handed putting

PGA golfer Jordan Spieth, who is also a former number one in the official world golf rankings, follows the tradition of doing cross-handed putting. This involves putting your dominant hand on the stick first, with your non-dominant hand below it, until your shoulders are level. This is what he credits as helping him drastically improve his putting game.

Work On The GAP

Many golf professionals like Jack Nicklaus follow a motto which includes remembering the GAP process before you take a swing. GAP is an acronym that stands for:

  •  Grip:  Using your fingers, not your palms to grip the club.
  • Aim: Keep your hips, shoulders, and feet at a parallel to our hole.
  • Posture: Don’t let your posture seize up when swinging, keep your upper body balanced and your wrists slightly bent.

See The Green

Charting the greens is a good way to help shave a few strokes off your overall game according to Tiger Woods. He believes that if you feel comfortable on the greens by getting a good lay of the land, including the direction of the grain, you’re more likely to make putts. This type of preparation will help you reduce your guesswork in the future, and get your stroke count down if you do it consistently over time.

Adjust Your Shot

PGA winner Jesper Parnevik thinks that adjusting your shot is the main difference between professional golf professionals and amateur players. He’s seen that amateurs aim straight down the fairway, while he notes professionals tend to curve their shots and adjust as they go.

You’ll notice pros tend to adjust their strikes to the middle, once they realise they’ve been hitting too far left to right. He also thinks the power of the golf swing is from the stance you take in your legs, not so much your arms, so you can save your arm strength for playing at online casinos in India.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to head back out to the fairway and take your next swing at things.