Golfing Etiquette 101

What with birdies, eagles and albatrosses, you’d be forgiven if you thought that you needed to learn another language before you even pick up a golf club! In addition, to the new terminology, there are also a number of rules of etiquette that are unique to the golf course. Read on to find out what these are!

Always Be On Time

The first rule of golfing etiquette is that you must always arrive on time for your tee time. As playing a round of golf usually lasts for the entire day, or a good portion thereof, if you arrive late, this puts the people in the time slot behind you back.

Keep It Together

We get it – a shot that you take may not always end up the way that you planned. Try to fix it on the next shot or, alternatively, the next game. But, whatever you do, don’t let out a string of expletives after every shot you take. This puts the other players off their game and makes the whole experience – which should be relaxing – just darn right unpleasant.

Don’t Step On Another’s Line

As opposed to the previous two points, which would make sense to a non-golfer, this one is all about golfing etiquette. When a player is about to take a shot and is lining it up, don’t step in the path between him and the hole.

If your ball is on a player’s line, volunteer to mark it either with a plastic cup or a thin, small dark coin. Once you have marked your ball, place your putter down as a 90-degree angle with the heel touching the marker.

Replace Your Divots

The PGA says that you should always replace your divots on the golf course. (A ‘divot’ is the piece of turf that may come off the course after a player has taken a shot.) It’s not always possible to replace a divot as the stroke causes the turf to explode on impact. If this happens, replace the earth into the hole which was created. Alternatively, some courses stock their carts with seed/soil mixtures so, if you need to, you can fill the groove with this should you be supplied with such a mixture.

Bring A Rake Into The Bunker

When you enter a bunker, always come in on the low side closest to the ball. Avoid walking on the steep face of the bunker and when you’ve hit your shot, rake the area you played on as well as your footprints. Don’t take the rake with you when you move onto the next hole – leave it near or in the bunker.

There are many other rules that are unique to the game of golf, just like when you play at an online casino in Malaysia. However, if you’ve always dreamed of playing the game, don’t let these rules put you off. They may sound like a mouthful, to begin with – and take a lot to remember – however, once you’ve got them down pat you’ll be a for away!