Golfing Tips And Tricks: Getting Familiar with the Game

There are millions of golfers around the world who play the sport on a regular basis. Golf in Australia and New Zealand is often played in the business fraternity and used as a networking opportunity to either entertain existing or even potential clients with the goal of attracting new business. Most golfers study the art of the game religiously in order to improve their technique; this includes watching live broadcasts across the world of their favourite players.

Golf Courses and Conditions:

As a golfing beginner it is always a good idea to do some research on your course before you play it. Course information can be found online as well as via word of mouth such as chatting to the local professional. Playing a practice round or two before you enter any competitions is highly recommended in order to get a feel for the course and the roll of the greens.

For the more experienced golfer, creating your own yardage books are beneficial, as is booking a knowledgeable caddy well in advance. Knowing the hardness of the course before you begin will give you an idea of which ball to play with as well as which clubs to take.

Knowing your Swing

Develop your Golf Swing Knowing your swing or shape is vitally important when playing a tough course, as it will have a direct impact on how you play each hole. Having a comfortable shape in the bag can give you a massive advantage over your competitors who may not be as competent, or as confident as you are.

As a beginner, going for lessons to develop your swing with a proven professional will not only improve your game, but give you a confidence boost when out on the fairways as well. Accuracy and patience are the bywords of a successful golfer; you won’t get better unless you take the time to do so. Many professionals spend up to twelve hours a day trying to hone their skills, either at the driving range or on the putting green.

Golfing Tips and Guidelines For Betting

Golf can be in played pretty much many any conditions, be it windy, rainy or incredibly hot. In recent years night golf has also become quite popular in a number of countries. There are many professional tours across the world ranging from European to American to even Asian tours. Betting on Golf online in Australia and New Zealand has become very widespread amongst the average golfer around as a form of entertainment and recreation.

Placing these bets can be done via a number of online sites, many of which offer betting on other sports as well. Golfing betting tips are a great way to increase you knowledge of the game as well as how the betting system works.  Many of these sites will have a section of tips for other sports too, such as horse racing tips NZ which you can peruse while waiting for your favourite golfer to win his game, and your online bet to prove successful.

Tournaments Played During The Season

Australia and New Zealand have many great tournaments that are played throughout the year. Some of these tournaments include the Melbourne open, Johnny Walker Open as well as the New Zealand open which is very popular amongst the professional golfers. These tournaments attract some of the bigger names in golf and are firm favourites to most of the Australasian players. Prize money for these tournaments is lucrative in order to attract the top ten players in the world, which in turn boosts TV ratings in Australia and New Zealand as well as attracting new sponsors.