How Modern Golf Carts Work

It’s impossible to picture a modern golf course without also imagining a golf cart sitting somewhere on it. These small vehicles have been used for decades to help players zoom around the greens without breaking a sweat. They’re easy to use, have plenty of extra benefits, and continue to be a popular mode of course transportation.

What They Run On

Golf carts can run on either petrol or electricity. Gas-powered golf carts use a similar type of petrol used on vehicles, while hybrid golf carts use electricity to power battery cells. Golf carts are powered by an 110-volt battery. An electric golf cart needs at least 8-12 hours to fully charge a depleted battery tank. Most recently, golf cart makers have been building eco-friendly carts that recharge their own batteries using solar panels mounted on their rooftops. Golfers could park in the sun to recharge the battery, making it more comfortable. A person can easily charge the battery when enjoying a sunny day golf.

Driving Basics of a Golf Cart

Before you can start a golf cart, you need to lock the brake firmly on it. Switch the ignition through a button to start the engine. Besides using the ignition key, some models may have a button to press, while some do not. Since most golf carts run on electricity, you may not hear the engine working sound; but, once the key is on, it is safe to assume it is on. Golf carts have only two gears, F (forward) and R (reverse). Switch to the appropriate gear by placing the lever in the correct position, then softly click on the gas pedal to start moving. Upon start, there will be a sudden initial jolt, so be sure to always hold firmly on the steering wheel. Do turns slowly as the cart is vulnerable to toppling while doing short fast turns. To halt the golf cart, hold the brake tightly until you hear a clicking sound signalling the brake is locked.

The Power of Golf Carts

Golf carts aren’t as fast as regular cars. Some have just 15 mph peak forward speed and 10 mph backward speed. Some legal carts run as fast as 25 mph. The regenerative braking system pumps energy back into the batteries that allows reduce cart acceleration on downhill slopes. Many variants have 11.4hp total horsepower. Most golf carts have low-emission single-cylinder engines with positive splash oil lubrication and 1-quarter oil capacity.

The Advantages of a Cart on The Course

Golf carts have a number of advantages of just walking through the course. They’re perfect for anyone that may suffer from some kind of disability, giving them the chance to get to their destination quickly. Along with this, golf carts provide protection from weather, with many coming with special accessories that allow them to be completely sealed, providing those inside with total protection from incoming rain or a hot sun. Because they run on electricity, they will often have the necessary means to charge all manner of devices, from smartphones to laptops, making them perfect to catch a game of NZ casino pokies online before the next swing.

Golf carts aren’t for everyone, but they’re a standard of most golf courses and worth checking out for anyone that’s grown tired of walking everywhere.