Golf Tips

Top 10 Easy Golf Swing Tips

easy golf swings

To the uninitiated, golf appears to be one of the easiest sports to play. Golfers appear to hit a little ball with a funny-shaped stick, walk after it, and hit it again. However, any golfer or golf sports betting fan in New Zealand would be quick to point out that there is more to the …

The Only Golf Putting Tips You Need

putting golf tips

Show other players you mean business on the green and improve your chances of getting those birdies! Find all the golf putting tips you need at! The putting golf tips we have listed for you can help you read putts as well as execute them smoothly, cleanly, and with ease. Judge the Slope and …

Golf Tips for Players of All Levels

Golf Tips for all Players

No matter whether you’re a novice player who has just bought their first set of clubs, or a novice with years of experience on the green, we are absolutely certain that you will benefit from our golf tips. Getting started is often the most challenging part of golf, but our advice on improving your golf …