Playing Golf Indoors During Covid-19

Golf is a game that’s almost reserved to the great outdoors, but during a time where more than 3 billion people around the world are locked up in their homes, golfers are going to have to make a different plan. Fortunately, not being able to get to the nearest golf course doesn’t mean an end to a day’s worth of playing, as it’s fairly simple to set up a golf course at home, both virtually and physically. With that in mind, these are a few ideas to help enjoy a few rounds of golf in this uncertain time.

Creating a Mini Golf Course

The first and easiest way to play golf at home is by creating a miniature golf course somewhere in the house or garden. This can be done using a variety of household objects. Books make a good method for creating an incline, while cups make good holes. Of course, it also means that a golf stick is required, along with a few balls. Grab a piece of chalk and spend some time drawing out the course, using the walls and furniture as a natural guideline. Once drawn out, put down the holes and obstacles, making it as difficult or easy as you see fit.

The great thing about a homemade miniature golf course is that it can be played at all times of the day by the entire family, and makes a great activity alongside wagering at Dota 2 betting sites for an otherwise boring afternoon under lockdown.

Golf Studio Simulation

This is better for those golfers that have a bit of cash to spend, and plenty of space in their house to set up. The first thing to consider is the amount of space that’ll be needed for the setup. Living rooms and lounges are a good place to install the golf simulator. On top of this, these are the essential items to make sure everything works properly, and that there’s enough to simulate a real golf course:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Practice mat
  • Practice net
  • The simulator

Once everything is assembled and a large enough room has been found, the next step is to install everything and ensure that it’s all working well together. Measure out how far back the simulator needs to be so that it’s able to project the game properly onto the screen. Once done, make sure the computer/laptop is connected to the internet and in an accessible place, but remember to keep it out of the way of the ball in case it bounces back off of the net.

Depending on the model of simulator, it may use either infrared or live cameras to track the ball as it enters the net, while the projector will create the image of the course on the screen behind the net.

Indoor Putting Green

No golfing experience would be complete without a putting green, and these are usually widely available online. They provide a simple way to improve putting while using minimal space, and they pair well with both the golf simulator and the DIY indoor setup.