Tips for Buying a Golf Cart

Tips for Buying a Golf Cart

When deciding to buy a golf cart you will have a choice between petrol and electric.  Both options will do the job of getting you around the golf course but there are pros and cons to each.

Petrol golf carts run on a combustion engine.  They are mostly four stroke, with older models using two stroke.  These carts are fuelled like a regular car with petrol.  Electric golf carts are powered by battery cells of 36 or 48 volt batteries.  These batteries have to be charged regularly to keep the cart working.


Petrol powered carts are usually more expensive than electric powered carts.  There is always the option of buying second hand carts, but always make sure you check the battery if buying an electric one.  Buying a second hand petrol cart may be a challenge as they are harder to come by.  Carefully consider your budget before making a decision.


When considering the strength and durability of each option it will vary depending on the make and model.  Most people think that petrol carts have more power than electric carts.  This may be true of the older models such as the 36 volt carts, but the later 48 volt electric carts pack a load of power and will climb those hills just as well as a petrol one.

Impact on the Environment

In today’s world we all try to consider how we impact the environment.  Petrol powered carts use fuel and so emit monoxide.  These carts also give off a gas smell that is stronger if kept in a garage or a shed.  The later models have been developed in such a way that they are more environmentally friendly.  The electric carts do not emit any fumes.  They are powered by rechargeable batteries and do not harm the environment in any way.  For those who are conscious of protecting the environment electric carts are the best option.

Noise is another factor to look at.  Electric carts are quiet and accelerate quietly.  They hardly make any noise and are a good option.  Petrol carts make some noise, the later models are a bit quieter but they still make a noise.  If noise is something you consider electric carts are the best way to go.


To keep golf carts in shape it is important to keep them maintained and ensure that they run smoothly.  The servicing schedule will depend on the make and model of the cart.  Petrol carts will require oil changes and parts will need to be replaced.  Things like spark plugs and starter belts will need to be replaced.  If you are not into doing these things yourself it can become a costly exercise.  You will also need to buy fuel to keep your petrol cart going which is another added expense.

Electric carts need to be charged regularly, after each use.  If the cart has not been used it will need to be charged every couple of weeks, much like you’d need to charge your phone to ensure you always have access to Aristocrat pokies and other favourite games.  Electric carts will come with a charger and a battery will last between four and five years before needing to be replaced.