Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

Most people in the world today are right-handed and most golfers are too.  Most golf clubs are manufactured with right-handed golfers in mind.  There are many golfers who are left-handed and just like right-handed golfers there are ways for lefties to improve their game.

Grip Tip

The problem with being a left-handed golfer is that often the grip of the club is weak and this causes problems when playing and can often end up resulting in a slice.  Lefties can remedy this problem by gripping the club firmly ensuring that the club is across the left palm.  The grip should not be moved into the fingers as this will result in a hurried swing, which may end up being a hook.  Another problem is that if the club is moved further into the palm the swing may be slower resulting in a problematic slice.

Shopping for Clubs

Like playing at an online gambling casino, having the correct golfing equipment is important for both right and left-handed players. A good set of clubs is the key to playing well.  Left-handed golfers unfortunately have a smaller selection of golf clubs to choose from especially for golfers who shop at small retail outlets or those that do not specialise in golf equipment.  By just settling for an okay set of clubs or clubs that are not made specifically for lefties can really be detrimental to a golfers game.  Left-handed players should not take the first best set of clubs but should rather shop around and find an outlet that deals with clubs for lefties or who can assist golfers with a custom set of clubs made especially for left-handed players.  A good place to shop for left-handed golf clubs is online as golfers can then take the stress out of driving round from shop to shop. Having the correct set of clubs can make the difference between playing well and playing badly.

Getting the Correct Training

Around 10% to 15% of the population is left-handed which means there are only few left-handed golfers around the world.  This fact may be because there is a shortage of retail and speciality shops manufacturing left-handed clubs or possibly the fact that there is a shortage of good quality training for them.  There are some golfers who are able to go from left to right-handed playing, but for some golfers making the change is not that easy basically because they are having to swing from the other side of the tee.

The other issue that left-handed golfers sometimes have to face is that their coach may be right-handed and this may work well for some lefties, but ideally left-handed golfers should really have a left-handed instructor which will help them play better and more efficiently.  Getting hold of a left-handed instructor may be difficult, but golfers should contact golf professionals and retailers, as they will be able to assist with finding the best instructor.

Hopefully these few tips will help lefties in their search for the perfect set of left-handed clubs and increase their determination to be the best left-handed golfer out there!