Warm Up Exercises To Try Before Every Golf Game

Warm Up Exercises To Try Before Every Golf Game

Golf is a sport, and like any sport, it requires a fair amount of physical activity. While it may not be as strenuous as something like rugby, there’s no denying that taking a swing while out of shape can lead to a painful torn muscle, something that any golfer wants to avoid at all costs. The only way to effectively evade this problem is by doing a routine of warm up exercises before you even pick up a club.

Warm ups are a big deal, with experts believing that they not only give your muscles better elasticity, but can also improve your total swing motion by up to 17 per cent. That’s a big deal when you’re out on the course, but an even bigger deal when you’re playing against an opponent, and need every advantage you can get. Warm ups are part of every sport in the world, and can even alter the odds for something as obscure as horse racing betting.

With that in mind, here are some warm up exercises that can benefit your time on the course.

  1. Arm Exercises

You start with something as simple as arm circles. These loosen the muscles in the back and shoulders, allowing them to better manage the swings you take. Start by holding your arms out to your sides as far as you can stretch them, and turning them in small circles, first one way, and then the other. Do this for a full five minutes, twenty reps at a time.

  1. Trunk Rotations

This is one for the abdominal and back muscles, and helps your posture when you’re taking a swing. Start by getting two clubs, and holding them behind your back. Rotate your torso firstly to the right as if you were taking a swing, and then all the way around to the left. This exercise takes another 5 minutes, requiring 24 reps in total.

  1. Woodchops

Another one involving the clubs: here, hold the club perpendicular to the ground in front of you. Take the club over your head while keeping your arms straight, and at the same time, arching back so you stretch your chest. After holding for 30 seconds, bring the club slowly back down and perform a squat, always keeping your back as flat as possible during the exercise. Repeat for as long as you need, but devoting at least 30 seconds to each part of the stretch.

  1. Side Bends

Aimed at strengthening the torso, side bends involve holding the club at length, at least past your shoulders. Taking the club slowly up and over your head, followed by learning to the right and taking the club as far as it comfortable. Once you’ve held that for 30 seconds, slowly move back the other way, going as far left as is comfortable. 20 reps should be sufficient.

Once you’ve completed all these exercises, finish off with 5 minutes of squats and you’re ready to play.