Golf Tournaments

PGA Tour: The Organisation and the Tournament

PGA Golf Tour

The PGA Tour, not to be confused with the PGA Championship, is the organiser of the main professional golf tournaments played in the United States and Northern America. The organisation coordinates most of the flagship annual series of tournaments also known as the PGA Tour, as well as the PGA Tour Champions – for golfers …

Most Successful Golfers Ever

Successful Golfers

To be good at it you need to eat, breathe, sleep, love and live it with the entirety of your existence. It’s not a sport for the feint of heart and it will challenge your ability to keep it together upstairs, but that is exactly why it is a gentleman’s game loved by so many. …

Popular Golf Tournaments

Masters Golf Tournament

There are four major professional golf tournaments which take place on a yearly basis and are the four most prestigious tournaments in men’s professional golf. Here we discuss them in detail and also place a special mention on the PGA Australasia – it may not be one of the four majors, but it is particularly …