The Most Popular Golf Tournaments

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world, and has successfully stood its ground against other international sports such as rugby and football for years. Gold is played internationally, and whichever country you decide to visit, finding a gold course here and there is almost always a given. The rise in popularity of golf over the last few decades has also given rise to many international golf tournaments. These golf tournaments vary in size and scope, but each one is unique, carries its own history, and has a large group of dedicated fans that go out of their way to enjoy every subsequent event.

While some golf tournaments might not be big as, say horse racing carnivals, there are still millions upon millions of golf fans around the world. So, while your friend might be getting involved in Cox Plate betting, you can instead attend some of the most attended and most popular golf tournaments the world has to offer.

The Hyundai Tournament of Champions

This tournament is famous for two main reasons: it kicks off the PGA every season, and it is set in the heart of picturesque Kapulua, located in Hawaii. Apart from the incredibly beautiful course that the tournament is set on, it is also a popular attraction for gold fans that travel to watch the event while also enjoying everything that Hawaii has to offer.

AT&T National

More localised to the United States, the AT&T National is still recognised as one of the most popular golf tournaments in the world. Set in Washington D.C., the tournament is almost always held over the July 4th period, and is headed by none other than golf legend, Tiger Woods. Some of the best players in the world attend this event, making it a must-see for fans.

U.S. Open TournamentU.S. Open

Considered the oldest championship in the world, the U.S. Open has long been a meeting place for both only the best players and the most hard core fans. The event has been held in different locations over the years, the U.S. Open is all about the pros and the game.

The British Open

Across the ocean we have the British Open, which has some of the most historic courses on the planet. With unpredictable weather and beautiful scenery no matter where the event is held, the British Open is a favourite among United Kingdom golf fans. 

Wells Fargo Championship

As one of the youngest tournaments on the roster at 11 years, the Well Fargo is nonetheless a heavyweight in the golf world. This tournament has a well-established course, but the Quail Hollow Club has become infamous as one of the most feared stretches of golfing real estate on the PGA tour. The 18th has been named the Green Mile due to the difficulty of the combination of a bunker and a creek in close proximity.

The Masters

By far the most popular and well-known tournament in the world, the Masters is aptly named, as only the true masters of the sport take part. With some of the finest golfing courses in the world as well as a massive fan attendance, the Masters is the reigning king in the world of golf.