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Supplementation For Avid Golfers

While golf may not be as physically demanding as some other sports, being out on the greens all day can take a toll on the body. The best way to remain both healthy and energised is by supplementing the vitamins and minerals that the body requires.

The World’s Richest Golfers

The World’s Richest Golfers Vijay Singh Vijay Singh is a professional golfer from Fiji.  His estimated net worth is around $75 million.  In 1982 he became a professional golfer and won his first tournament in 1984, the Malaysian PGA.  Between 2004 and 2005 Singh was ranked number 1 in the world.  His main victories include …

Top Female Golfers

The Top Female Golfers Take a look at some of the top female golfers around the world; these ladies have added their own special talent to what used to be a very male-dominated sport. Dorothy Campbell Dorothy Campbell is a golfing legend and was the first international women golfer.  She played during a time when …