Best South African Courses

The Best Golf Courses South Africa Has To Offer

South Africa is a unique and beautiful country that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Between the beautiful mountains of the Western Cape, sprawling beaches of the East Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the Big Five of Kruger National Park, there is an endless amount to do and see in the country, and the perfect destination for anyone looking for somewhere to vacation.

For the golf lovers out there, South Africa also offers some of the best golf courses in the world. Whether it’s settled on the coast of Durban or in the highlands of the Cape, there are enough courses to keep even the professionals entertained, and no golfer will become bored while travelling the country. Most of these courses are also conjoined with popular clubs and hotels, meaning that after a long day on the greens, it doesn’t take long to head back to the hotel and enjoy some online blackjack NZ. With all that in mind, these are the five best golf courses to play in South Africa right now.

  1. The Durban Country Club

Set on the outskirts of the bustling coastal City of Durban, this course has been home to more South African Open Championships than any other in South Africa. Golfer’s Digest has rated this course among the 100 best in the country numerous times, and not only does it provide some fantastic golfing in beautiful weather, but also offers a first-class bar at the end of the course for those thirsty players needing a break.

  1. St Francis Bay

St Francis Bay offers some of the most picturesque settings imaginable, and the golf course here was voted the best new golf course by Golfers Digest in 2007. Not far from the course is a natural wetland area, which boasts a variety of wildlife, and the chance to see some animals native to the country.

  1. Wild Coast Sun Country Club

Designed and implemented by Robert Trent Jones, a world-famous course designed, the Wild Coast Sun Country Club is settled on the coast, with a view of the Indian Ocean in the background. The year-round sunny weather and warm wind from the ocean make it the perfect venue for any golfer looking to spend a few days on the course without the hassle of rain.

  1. Royal Johannesburg And Kensington East Course

Johannesburg is a classic for any South African golfer, and has overseen seven Open Championships over the years. Set not far from the city itself, the course is a breath of fresh air for those that need a break from the buzz of the city, and is among the country’s most beautiful courses.

  1. Leopard Creek

A truly unique course that golfers from all over the world visit every year. It doesn’t have the best greens or a view of the ocean, but it does border the Kruger National Park, so closely, in fact, that many of the animals take up residence not far from the course. It’s one of the only courses in the world where a player might look up to see some giraffe passing by, or a leopard watching the game lazily from a tree.